Lioness Forms

The following Lioness Forms are available below, please click on the the files below to download them, they are available in two formats, Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat (PDF).  The forms below will open in a new window.

Agenda  Agenda.doc Agenda.pdf

Directory of Officers   Directory of Officers.doc  Directory of Officers.pdf

Month Membership and Activities  Monthly M and A.doc  Monthly M and A.pdf

Proposal for Membership  Proposal for Membership.doc  Proposal for Membership.pdf

Health and Safety Checklist  H&S checklist.doc  H&S checklist.pdf

Club President introductory Letter for new member  Club Introduction Letter.doc

Transfer forms  Membership TFR.doc  Membership TFR.pdf

Membership List  Membership List.doc  Membership List.pdf

Advisory Report Form  Report Template.doc

Internal Letterhead  Letterhead template.doc

Lioness Poster  A4 poster.doc  A4 poster.pdf

Risk Assessment template Risk Assessment.pdf Risk Assessment.doc

Risk Rating Guidance Risk Rating.pdf Risk Rating.doc

Parental Consent Use of Images template

Parental Consent Form.pdf

Parental Consent Form.doc

Incident reporting forms

Incident Accident Report Form.pdf

Incident Accident Report Form.doc

Letter to Sponsoring Lions Clubs re Insurance recording

Example of Letter to Lions Club re Insurance.pdf

Example of Letter to Lions Club re Insurance.doc