International Lioness Clubs

In Multiple District 105 (British Isles), we have compiled a record showing just where some Lioness Clubs can be found all over the world. This is an ongoing project as countries such as India are in the process of revising and updating their club Districts and Club membership numbers.  This list is not exhaustive as changes in clubs/districts are constantly being made. Our International Relations Officer has contact details for some of the clubs in the areas listed below.

  • Going on vacation? Want to know if there is a Lioness Club at your destination? Contact Lioness Jennifer.
  • Would like to make contact with a foreign club and maybe start a friendship between your two clubs? Contact Lioness Jennifer.
  • From the following list of Countries and States, Lioness Jennifer holds email contacts, names and locations of some of the clubs in those areas/districts.
  • Know of more clubs around the world, or would like to make sure your club is listed. Contact Lioness Jennifer


British Isles    10 Norway   1
India 230 Iceland   1
South Africa      7 New Zealand 25
Malaysia    11 Austria   1
British Columbia/Washington 2 California & Nevada 31
Colorado 3 Connecticut   3
Delaware 5 Idaho (several)
Illinois 13 Indiana   7
Iowa 17 Louisiana 10
Montana/Missouri   1 Maine/New Brunswick   4
Maryland   6 Massachusetts   3
Michigan 53 Minnesota   1
Nebraska   7 New Hampshire 1
New York   6 New Jersey 14
Ohio   5 Oregon   9
Pennsylvania 113 South Carolina   2
Tennessee   1 Virginia   7
West Virginia   1 Wisconsin 106
Alberta   3 Newfoundland   1
Nova Scotia 07 + 5 Lionette Clubs Ontario 74
Quebec    1 Saskatchewan 25
Brisbane   1 New South Wales 23
Queensland 40 South Australia   7
Tasmania   1 Victoria 22
Western Australia 2

Lioness Jennifer, Lioness International Relations Officer MD105