Annual Conference

The Lioness Clubs of the British Isles hold an annual conference in February each year.  This is our Annual General Meeting and gives an opportunity not only for everyone to come together and review the past year but also to have their say about what happens in the future.

The Multiple District Officers are elected for the coming year (i.e. Chairman, Deputy, Secretary and Treasurer) and all Clubs are invited in advance to put forward any resolutions they would like to see debated and voted upon.

The Conference is hosted by a Committee which can be an individual Club or District or it has been known for it to be a ‘National’ Committee made up of members from Clubs throughout the Country.

There is a Multiple District Conference Co-ordinator who works with the Host Committee and acts as the liaison between the Host Committee and Advisory Body and a set of guidelines (based on past experience) are available to assist in the organisation of Conference.

Once a Committee has been successful in its bid to host Conference, they are responsible for the organisation of all aspects of the Conference (i.e. social events, advance bookings, registration, exhibition/displays and speakers if required) apart from the business session(s) which are arranged by the Advisory Body.

Anyone requiring more information or interested in hosting Conference should contact the Multiple District 105 Lioness Clubs Conference Co-ordinator (details as in the Lioness Clubs Directory of Officers).