Advisory Body

In case you have ever wondered what an Advisory Body meeting is like here goes:

Held at the Lions Club International Multiple District Headquarters in Birmingham we meet generally four times a year to discuss matters of national club importance.

Very much like your own club meetings we have an Agenda to follow with reports from the Multiple District Officers and District Officers.

The meeting generally lasts a few hours, with a break for lunch. Some members have to travel a considerable distance to get here, but without their dedication to the job there would be no Lioness clubs in the UK. If you have a yearning to find out more about getting actively involved with the Advisory Body please feel free to contact us

Why the Advisory Body

In 1991 the Board of Lions Club International withdrew their administrative support for Lioness Clubs throughout the world with the intention that the 155,000 members would become Lions.  The response to this vote from Lionesses was mixed and as a result although some Lionesses did become Lions, there were a lot who either left the organisation or remained as Lionesses.  In Multiple District 105, the British Isles, the Lionesses decided to remain Lionesses, and to form a network of Clubs responsible to the Council of Governors – the governing body of all those in Lionism in this country.  The Lionesses are represented within the Lions Multiple District by a Multiple District Officer, known as the Lioness Co-ordinator and they work closely with the Multiple District Lioness Chairman, who is the head of the Multiple District Lioness Clubs Advisory Body.

The Advisory Body is made up of a representative from each Lions District, known as the District Chairman.  This person is appointed by the Lions District Governor and is a member of the Lions District Cabinet.  They can be a Lion or Lioness, however where the District Chairman is a Lion, the Lioness Clubs are encouraged to appoint an Advisory Body representative as well to act as the direct link between the individual Lioness Clubs and the District/Multiple District Officer(s).

In addition to the District Representatives there are also a number of official Multiple District Officers and these are appointed by the Multiple District Lioness Clubs Chairman.

Full Job Guidelines are available for all positions on the Advisory Body and members are encouraged to put their names forward for the positions on an annual basis.  To review the Job Guidelines please click here.

The Advisory body meets approximately 4 times per year to discuss Multiple District Issues and the representatives then act as a liaison with Clubs in their own Districts to pass on the information.

The Multiple District Officers are there to support District Officers and individual Clubs in their ‘specialist’ field and any member of the organisation is welcome to contact them (details can be found in the Multiple District 105 Lioness Clubs Directory of Officers which is issued on an annual basis to all Clubs.)

If you would like to know more about the Advisory Body and the work that it does, please contact the Multiple District 105 Lioness Clubs Chairman