Meet the MD Chairman

Lioness Jeanette Morgan

Pontefract Lioness Club

It gives me great pleasure to be the National Chairman of Multiple District 105 Lioness Clubs for the second year running.  Lioness clubs are part of Lions Clubs International, the largest service organisation in the world with over 1.4 million members in 46,000 clubs across the globe and I am honoured to be a member of Pontefract Lioness Club, the first Lioness Club in the UK.

My parents joined Lions in 1967 so as a child I was brought up in the true spirit of the Family of Lions, attending functions/events and helping out wherever possible from a very young age.  In 1978 the Pontefract Leo Club was formed and along with my sister, Michelle I became a founder member of the group.  Sadly some 10 years later the Leo Club closed down as various members, including me, moved away to college/university and their career paths took them in other directions and there were no new members coming through to continue the good work.

In 1993 I was working in Scotland and had the opportunity to join Dalbeatie Lions Club however this was only short lived as changes in work brought me back to Yorkshire in 1994 and although there were a couple of Lions clubs in the area who accepted ladies we also had a very active Lioness Club so it seemed the obvious choice for me to become a Pontefract Lioness.

Since that time I have taken an active role at all levels within the organisation.  Within my own Club I have been President, Secretary, Treasurer and Activities Chairman, plus I have been the Zone (local group of 5 Lion/Lioness Clubs in total) Secretary for almost 10 years.

Nationally I joined the Lioness Advisory Body (governing body for Lionesses) as the ‘Way Forward’ Chairman with a specific focus on ensuring a future for Lionesses in the UK, updating policies and procedures bringing us into the 21st Century, and I am pleased to say that although we may be small in numbers we are still here today supporting our local, national and international communities.  Last year alone Lionesses raised over £40,000 in the UK and this was used to help those less fortunate than ourselves by means of arranging events in the local community, providing donations (monetary and/or physical goods) to local, national and international charities, purchasing specialist equipment for hospitals and individuals with special needs, supporting the youth through various lionistic projects/schemes and generally making the community a better place to live.

Lioness Clubs are made up of caring individuals from age 18 to infinity who have joined together to enjoy fun and friendship whilst serving the needs of the local community and the wider world . . . and by being a member of this great organisation we know that “Together we make a difference.”

I am continuing with the same charity this year which is ‘Tiny Tickers’  – a small charity with big ambitions who have  a proud track record of helping improve the detection, care and treatment of babies with serious heart conditions, and have exciting plans to do even more to help in the future.  In February 2018 we presented a cheque for over £1,500 and I am looking forward to making a further presentation at our annual Conference in February 2019.

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